• Mark Mares

To Breathe

I was so grateful for Rev. Frazier’s words in a recent blog post; they were an invitation to listen deeply. As I sat with a cup of tea while I watched and listened to the rain this weekend, I listened. I listened to the drops hit the pavement outside. I listened to my wife typing at her computer. I listened to the small flicker of the candle that sat on the coffee table near me. I listened as I heard my dog snore softly near the front door. I listened to the rhythm of my own breathing.

Today I was reminded of this moment, this small ripple in a day filled with to-do lists, sound bites on the airwaves, and Zoom calls. I was reminded of it when I read these words from a favorite poet of mine:

“Watching the wind in trees, I think of how spirit and inspiration both come from the same word: spīrāre [Latin, verb] ~ to breathe.”

I hope that wherever you are, whenever you read these words, that you find space in the day to simply sit and breathe. Listen deeply, breathe deeply, and open yourself to that still, small, voice that speaks these words:

You are beloved. You are enough.

I find great release in poetry. Reading these honest words causes me to slow down, listen, and breathe. I invite you to check out Pádraig Ó Tuama’s podcast, Poetry Unbound (he’s the one who said those words above), where he reads some of his favorite poems and shares a few thoughts. You can find the podcast by clicking this link.

Friends, you are beloved. You are enough. The Peace of Christ be with you.

I hope to "see" you soon!

Grace y paz,

Rev. Mark Mares

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